Pregnant in the City

Posted by Kristy Richman March - 20 - 2015
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Living in the city is a wonderful experience and living in the city while pregnant is not the challenge it once was. A pregnant woman can now enjoy all the pleasures of city living just as well as anyone else. 

pregnant in the city

Groups: Maternity groups are quite popular and there are groups in almost every part of the city. These groups consist of pregnant women whom all have similar interest. During these meetings you learn about one another, make plans for future days, and you get to spend time with one of your own. All the women in the group are open to finding new friendships and supporting other females that are in the same positive situation that they are in. If you are giving birth around the same time you are all able to grow together and support one other even after having your little bundle of joy.

Classes: Cities are very dedicated to having places for future mothers to experience a workout that is best for them and their babies. Every day around the city, in various locations, maternity exercise classes are offered. Maternity yoga seems to be a favorite and a very popular class. The classes tend to take place during the day and in locations close to public transportation. Workouts are not the only classes offered; prenatal and birthing classes are also very popular.

Maternity Stores: There once was a time when maternity styles were not so much style but rather just big looking shirts. Now there are so many maternity styles and stores that are just around the corner. Maternity stores are popping up left and right! Almost every street you turn down, maternity clothing is available. Walking from one store to another can turn into a mini shopping spree jumping from one store to another and each store has exactly what you need and want. 

Day/Nightlife: I’m learning that brunch in the city is a really big thing, and spending time with friends is the most important part of the get together. Another contributing factor is the delicious Mimosa and Bloody Mary option. Is it possible though to be pregnant and still live the city brunch life you love? Of course! But, with little adjustments here and there… mock cocktails anyone? Having a mock cocktail can make you feel like you are part of the crowd without gaining the night time hangover and blurred memories. There are multiple bars and restaurants that have an alcohol free option and it is fully up to you if you are to take advantage of that brilliant offer.

Walking: There are always cars and public transportation but the best part of traveling in the city is that you can always walk to your destination. Some amounts of movement and exercise are key during pregnancy. Walking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women. Walking allows you to stay fit and healthy without putting too much wear and tear on your body. Going out for a little stretch and stroll can happen throughout your whole pregnancy, in fact its encouraged. Walk it out, you’ll feel better and you’ll continue to look amazing.

Everything is at your finger tips! Living in a city environment allows you to have everything you need in a matter of minutes. Having everything at your fingertips is amazing in general, but when you are pregnant, city living can be so fantastic because of the accessibility. If you have a midnight craving or a need for those comfy maternity pants all of this can be taken care of in a matter of minutes.

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