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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez February - 27 - 2013
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Pregnancy is such a special journey. Along with having a pregnant glow it’s probably one of the more priceless times in your life. At no other point will you ever experience such adored attention, nicer people and a generosity of spirit.

As a Pregnant Model it’s most likely candy to your ears to have a photographer ask you to stick out your belly. As a professional model you’ve been accustomed to sucking in your belly so here’s that rare moment. Let’s enjoy it!

Whether you are taking pictures for personal keepsake or professional reasons, the most important element is having fun.

Pregnant Pose

If you are nervous about being photographed, you might want to try warming up before being in front of the camera. Take a few moments to stretch out, maybe take a walk. If you’ve already been exercising it may serve you to work out before coming to the photo session. Most musicians would never begin a performance without warming up. Maternity Models should do the same.

If you are shooting professional photos, having a great makeup artist is important. One of the best ways to capture an already glowing face is to use natural colors and natural lighting. Make sure that your wardrobe matches the color of your make-up.

Pregnant Model Pose- Natural lightral Light

Form fitting clothes work best when photographing a Pregnant Model. Highlighting your curves will create a more attractive picture. Even if you wear a simple t-shirt and jeans, showing your bump will enhance the spirit of the photograph.

Pregnant Pose

Unless instructed otherwise, always show up to every photo shoot with nude or pale  polish on both hands and feet. Eyebrows should be neat, plucked or waxed.  In addition  bikini, legs and underarms, should be waxed or shaved.  The term bikini ready, is a term used for swimsuit and lingerie models.

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