Pregnant Model — The single biggest mistake maternity designers make

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez April - 26 - 2012
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The biggest mistake maternity designers make is not embracing a pregnant body. Woman have come a long way since moo moo’s in hiding for 9 months. Pregnant celebrities are driven by the dozens to flaunt their pregnant bump. So why are companies still padding?

Over the last decade, I’ve watched maternity designers try to save a buck by stuffing a prosthetic belly in a non-pregnant body in hopes of ringing home truth. Interestingly enough, most if not all pregnant designers end back to square one. The American Woman knows what to look for when they shop. In this day and age when pregnancy fashion has been a well sought after topic, you just can’t fake the real deal.

pregnant model-real pregnant model

pregnant model-real pregnant model

At a  glance, do they think they are fooling pregnant women? I think not. For most expecting moms, it’s obvious. How can you fool a pregnant mom-to-be whose body is doing what a real pregnant body is supposed to do?

Today’s real mom revolts against a fake belly in a maternity campaign. Most women can glaze over an entire catalog and know who is padded and who is real. It’s not that hard to figure out especially since We’ve been there, done that.

Needless to say, I’m delighted to see 90% of pregnant designers avoiding the single biggest mistake maternity designers make. It’s important to understand the needs of today’s expecting mom. Additionally its advantageous for maternity designers to understand their market, pregnancy!





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  3. […] credit on your resume and this is why top maternity designers that are smart enough not to use a fake belly  want you! They know you’ve earned your place in the fashion world and your modeling expertise […]

  4. Diana Rein says:

    I was at an audition last week and most all of the women that were there were really pregnant except for one…..she walked in with a fake belly and all of the actual pregnant women exchanged glances and questioning looks. It was obvious that it wasn’t a part of her. The casting director also gave her an interesting glance……the industry definitely wants real pregnant women now. Faking it is in the past.

  5. It’s funny you should address this, because I was gong through an online catalogue recently and clicked on a pair of jeans I was interested in, but when the image came up, the fit model, who was holding up her shirt to show the detail of the jeans, had a really strange looking belly and pregnant physique! I was startled by the image and when I realized it was fake, I was totally put off from the entire line. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but maybe it had to do with a feeling that they were being phony and a certain mistrust for the line of clothes being presented as something FOR ME. I know how everything looks on a model with a fake belly, but how would it look on someone like me, a real pregnant woman? I guess ultimately the feeling of disappointment and “what are you trying to pull here?” was what had me click the close button on that site!

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Once you are in the pregnant modeling business, particularly as a maternity model, at a glance you’ll notice all the fake, padding. It’s really a pity… but according to the track record, most soon realize you get what you pay for.

  6. Sarah Webster says:

    I agree! A pregnant body is beautiful. Those of us who are pregnant deserves the right to show off our bumps. When you use a pregnant model your adds are more honest and truthful. Plus, you’ve allowed a real pregnant woman to celebrate her new body!

  7. Vanessa Siren says:

    Not only a pregnancy padding looks fake (the padding), usually the model who isn’t pregnant can’t pose, can’t look natural as a real pregnant woman does! Her chest is not fuller like a pregnant woman, her hips are not slightly bigger, her back is not arched…. the love isn’t there! Doen’t matter how beautiful and talented the non-pregnant model is…. it isn’t right!

  8. You can always tell which maternity shoots are using real pregnant women and which are just stuffed bellies. I am not going to name the companies but over the past few months shopping for maternity wear there were so many models who were sooo skinny and then had this perfectly round pillow tucked inside the clothing.
    And yes moo moos are so unflattering. I found that through out my pregnancy the more tighter, form fitting clothing was so much more flattering than baggy clothing. I feel in love with all my light weight Rachel Pally dresses.

  9. Lindsay McDonald says:

    It is a real pleasure to go to auditions with real pregnant women. There is a sense of community among the women that cannot be faked. I found throughout my pregnancy that it has been a great help talking to the women at the auditions about where they may have got their wardrobe they are wearing. Or other places that they have found resourceful. And yes, gone are the days of trying to hide the bump with moo moos and oversized clothing. It doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. The real American woman wants to see real pregnant curves.

  10. Marquina Iliev-Piselli says:

    I agree!! I love my bump and I’m so glad I don’t have to hide it.

  11. Angela Marcello says:

    An overall image of a pillow stuffed belly represents a false advertisement of the products they are intending to sell.

    As a pregnant model myself it is easy to spot and easily dismiss as artificial. But as a pregnant woman it’s actually saddens me to see.

    The number one thing I hear amongst the pregnancy community is a concern over weight gain as we adjust to our changing figures. Most are able to accept and embrace this change. However to look at an image of a skinny stuffed model wearing the pregnancy jeans that are a size zero is hard.

    Nothing compares to a woman that is truly going through the beautiful experience of pregnancy. The “glow” as they say.. includes a real bump, and changing body. For a designer to miss this genuine image of a real pregnancy is to their own detriment. Because we, your target audience, prefer the Real Thing!

  12. Szilvi Kovacs says:

    Very true! Pregnant body is beautiful no need to hide it!

  13. C Williams says:

    So happy to hear that 90% are doing what they need to do to make moms looks their best.

  14. Lindsey Daly says:

    I also don’t like that they make maternity clothes so huge. If you’re healthy and pregnant its almost impossible to find maternity clothes that don’t swallow you

  15. Lana Moczarski says:

    I agree with the ladies here…..pregnancy is THE most amazing experience and you should be proud of your beautiful body and embrace it.
    I think some designers forget that some people don’t grow everywhere, and should mainly alter the line in the belly area, not everywhere.

  16. Teresa Villa says:

    I agree, it is completely obvious when they don’t show a pregnant woman in pregnant clothing! If anything they are making us pregnant women feel bad about our insinuating that we dont look the “ideal” way and trust is hard to keep yourself away from so many sweets when you have another being inside of you! :) glad to see their is designers who care and use real pregnant women! :)

  17. Jennifer Crewell says:

    I love being pregnant and love to flaunt it not hide it, I wish I knew how to be a pregnant model and get out there, I think I would do great!

  18. Jazmin Sapien says:

    I wish I could be a maternity model, I am trying right now so hopefully I can get somewhere before the 9 months are up. I do not understand why they would even hire fake bellied models, there is so many real pregnant woman out there trying out. I am glad they are starting to choose the natural curves and not the padded lumps.

  19. GIGI says:

    I am in my 20s and this is my first pregnancy but I am always looking out for fake bellies because, I have been modelling before getting pregnant and was approached by photographer ones to do a fake belly shoot. I politely refused the offer because my sister had just had a baby at the time and I thought natural pregnancy was to precious to be faked by me. I guess he found someone else to do it….