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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 28 - 2013
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Pregnant models know that simply standing in front of a camera does not make a photograph “the shot.” There is technique in every pose.  If you know which angle works for you then strike the pose and avoid the angles that don’t serve you because the camera is an unforgiving image capturing device.

Expecting Models

Modeling during pregnancy isn’t much different from mainstream modeling. Yet Print photography is much different from being on camera. Your words are silent and can only be seen through a picture. When shooting for print, pay attention to your body language. This will help enhance the photograph and illustrate your story board.

Expecting Models

Before stepping on any photography set, it’s important to understand what you are photographing and why. Here are a few to questions to help your inner monologue.

Why are you shooting this outfit?

What are you wearing?

Why are you wearing this outfit

Who will buy this outfit or product?

What is their age range?

What person do you need to become in the photograph?

Expecting Models

Once you understand the goal  and are ready to shoot, take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. Get into character. Allow your mind to connect with your blossoming body. You are already pregnant so all you have to do is become the person you were hired to be. You should be hair and makeup done, with top model healthy skin.  In other words, camera ready. Practice moving your body in ways that enhance your pregnant figure. Work with your maternity wardrobe. Play with pockets, wraps and accessories. You may not always have a stylist on set so be aware of moving in ways that don’t wrinkle your clothes.

Whence sitting in front of the camera practice sitting in different positions. Twist and elongate your torso. 3/4 angles always create the illusion of a rounder belly, with a taller body frame. The leg closest to the camera should always lead as this will create an S shape with your body and secure a beautiful image of a woman with child.

Maternity models make top rates because they have the ability to showcase different looks. Your agent might submit you as a high fashion model for one casting and commercial print model for the next. So be prepared to jump from one category to the next and transition into character effortlessly.

Expecting Models

Expecting Models

Pregnant Modeling isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact some actresses have difficulty shooting print because there is no dialogue. It’s all about static movement and the energy portrayed throughout the body. It’s a dynamic art of expression without words and involves a silent line of story telling.

Expecting Models

The most important piece of advice Expecting Models would like to suggest is to practice model poses wearing different outfits and as different characters. Put yourself in front of a camera as often as possible. Be fearless and experiment with new poses. Become you’re own trend setter and enjoy the process. When you become pregnant, you’re simply integrating  the same mainstream fashion techniques, you just happen to be pregnant.

If you are a professional model and pregnant, submit your photos for representation:

Click Here: Pregnant model submissions

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