Pregnant Poses for High Fashion Modeling

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez April - 24 - 2014
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The most effective way to a lot of money as a  High Fashion Maternity Model is to master the art of Pregnant Posing. Although you are an Expecting Model and probably have worked in the fashion industry before getting pregnant. Maternity modeling is different. Your body has changed and learning to work with your pregnant angles takes practice. Pregnant models don’t get paid top dollar just because they have a bump.

Maternity Models are expected to provide marketable shots. Having fashion editorial experience is a major credit on your resume and this is why top maternity designers that are smart enough not to use a fake belly  want you! They know you’ve earned your place in the fashion world and your modeling expertise is what maternity campaigns are looking for.

Top Fashion ModelAs a pregnant model, your blossoming figure is part of the essence in every pose. You don’t have to hold you belly in every shot, as we know it’s there. Today’s modern maternity designers and magazines look for more edgy poses, particularly when shooting fashion, editorial, or maternity advertising. In fact some commercial print clients are requesting pregnant models not to use their hands on top or underneath their belly when posing pregnant. Besides most top maternity clients agree that having a sense of sex appeal sells. After all, it’s that sexy moment that go you here.

Sexy Pregnant Model

Your fashion editorial repertoire worked for you then and adapting to your new body will work for you now. One imperative way to add true dimension to your movement is by studying your new curves in front of a mirror. Learn simple tricks to help elongate your figure. When posing full length, 3/4 angles are very flattering. Always lead with the leg closest to the camera first. If your legs are fuller than normal, tilt your pelvic muscles back, this helps the illusion of thinner, longer legs. These simple movements add lines with for an artistic visual.

Learn the areas of your figure that are your strengths and work in tandem with body assets to compensate. Your body is a beautiful sculpture and with simple movement you can adjust your angles to capture the long, curvaceous body that you’re  suppose to have.

Expecting modelsThe mirror is your best friend and we encourage you to enjoy your human movement and don’t forget to have fun while shooting!



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  2. Diana Rein says:

    I love this article and I love going outside of the box with pregnancy poses. You can do everything like you did before and more with an awesome belly!

  3. Alice says:

    Great post and advice for pregnancy posing! It’s a fantastic way to embrace both fashion poses *and* the baby bump.

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  7. Camila Damas says:

    😉 I dig this