Pregnant and Single During The Holidays?

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez December - 28 - 2014
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Everyone knows that being single during the holidays can be rough. Being single and expecting can be especially difficult. It is hard enough to prepare to be a single mother, but with the added pressure of the holidays can make for a lonely time of year. Society has an obsession with correlating holiday season to romance and significant others. This can be a painful place for a single mom-to-be. However, just because you are single, that doesn’t mean you are alone! Here are some ways to avoid the single mom holiday blues.

 Keep Occupied

While it may seem like the holiday season lasts all winter, it is only a few days. Just keep living your happy, fulfilled life. Don’t let the title of holidays bring you down. Don’t pretend the holidays don’t exist, but don’t obsess over them either. Let your regular routine keep you busy. Go to work, exercise, see your friends, go to your yoga/art/cooking classes or watch a few movies. Keep doing the things you enjoy and you won’t even have time to dwell on the stigma of being alone during this time of year.

Pregnant and Single

 Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

The holidays are just as much a time for family and friends as they are for significant others. There’s no shame in going to holiday parties alone, in fact it can be more enjoyable not having someone tagging along with you. Don’t feel intrusive joining a friend’s family for a holiday celebration. If you were invited it is because you are genuinely wanted there, not because they feel sorry for you. Most importantly, use this time to bond with your family. Use your days off to visit relatives you usually don’t see, or to spend extra time with family members you see frequently. No one wants to dote on you during your pregnancy as much as your family does. Surrounding yourself with the people who love you the most and want to pamper you is a way to feel supported and nurtured.


The great thing about being single and pregnant is not having a significant other to attend to during the holiday season, which allows you to focus on yourself. You aren’t being selfish; you won’t have to feel responsible  for anyone but yourself. When your baby comes, you will be consumed with a new life as a new mom. So spend your break doing everything that you have been meaning to do all year, but have been bogged down by work or other people. It is especially important to relax and pamper yourself when you are pregnant. A baby coming into a healthy, happy, stress free life will be a calm, happy, and stress free baby. Take some well deserved naps. Eat your cravings (in moderation). Indulge in a spa day (most pregnant women love pre-natal massages).

 Remember you’re never Alone

You may not have a significant other, but you are constantly carrying around the most important person in your life! How could you possibly be lonely? Take a few moments and hug you’re belly. Give yourself the love you so deserve. Allow sad feelings to exist but don’t get stuck in the emotions. You must feel it to heal it. Just don’t stay there too long!

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