Pregnant sole mate

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez April - 17 - 2017
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Matters of the sole may agree that fit is everything. During pregnancy swollen feet can leave a lasting imprint. As your body grows, you’ve probably noticed your feet have too. Did you know that the hormone relaxin helps loosen ligaments around your feet, allowing the bones to spread and is the one cause for smaller shoes? Perhaps you’ve had a rapid weight gain and are also retaining extra fluid retention and which gravity then pulls down toward your feet. Running around on pregnant castings is definitely a calorie burner however the last thing a maternity model needs during her pregnancy career as a model is an unhappy sole. As you explore just the right fit for compatibility, consider testing your run.

Pregnant Sole MateLook for shoes that are high enough to wiggle freely with about a half-inch between them and the end of the shoe.

As for your arches here’s a quick at-home test to help determine what kind of support you need.

1. Fill a shallow pan with water and set it on the floor beside a brown paper grocery bag.

2. Step into the pan and then immediately step into the bag.

3. Keep your foot there for a few seconds before stepping off.

4. Evaluate the print. Being able to see the clear imprint between the heel and the ball of your foot suggests that your arch is flat requiring more support. A high arch leaves an imprint only of the heel and the upper third of your foot, making extra cushioning a must, because your feet are likely to absorb more of the impact generated by each step.

The world of maternity modeling has shifted. Now that maternity designers use the real bump, you can expect to attend more castings. So with one step at a time, we invite you to find comfort and support for your sole.



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