Proactive Dad- Happy Father’s Day!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez June - 15 - 2013
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A lot has changed since Michael Keaton’s 1983 portrayal of Jack Butler, a.k.a Mr. Mom. Just a decade ago only 1 percent of the nation’s fathers were stay at home dads. That percentage has tripled since then and may be even higher according to census estimates. As the traditional family structure changes so does the way children are raised. With a father being present in his child’s life,  many traits are picked up that help children develop into well-rounded human beings.

As we walk into new awareness, and the help of shows like “Fatherless Sons” on the OWN Network, more and more Dads are healing their wounds to become the man they need to be for their children. It takes a lot of courage to stay. We all know relationships are hard. Every single one. When it comes down to it, its for better or for worse and so it is with your kids.

Father's Day- Proactive DadsPhoto by: Ross Whitaker

Unconditional love grows strong when you remain present in your child’s life. I commend all Father’s who make a choice to be proactive in their child’s daily lives. Your children really want your time, your love, your undivided attention.

Life gets busy and tons of distractions may pull you away but you have a choice. It boils down to this, it’s quality over quantity.

Enjoy your life and Happy Fathers Day!

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