Put Power in your pout with Red Rose Lips

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 8 - 2013
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Red lips bring out the flecks of red or rose colors in your lips. Red is the color of an extrovert and one of the top picks of males. The human brain and body reacts to the color red in odd ways that science to this day, doesn’t quite understand. Have you ever walked into a room and automatically notice a woman wearing red?

Whether it’s retro or recent, this sophisticated shade is a modern look and will never go unnoticed and is just as contemporary as it was 50 years ago.

Red Rose Lips by Estee lauder

Photo by: Liza Elliott-Ramirez

No need to over-apply lipstick when using Estee Lauder pure color vivid shine lipstick. It’s a one step process. Dab the lips with the red rose shade gently in the center, then extend along the corners of your mouth. Follow the natural outline our your outer lips then pucker up. Just like that!

Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick- Estee Lauder

Lipstick is perhaps on of the most crucial elements in make-up. Red lips will brighten your face and add shimmer and shine to a dull face. So don’t get stuck on how to apply lipstick properly. When using top quality cosmetics, you needn’t be a make-up artist professional. It’s simple and easy.


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