Plank your Pregnancy!

Posted by Sam Perez August - 31 - 2015
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Increase your overall strength and flexibility while pregnant by participating in 15 minute workouts each day! Here are a few tips to plank through your pregnancy!

Begin with head and shoulder rolls. You can do this exercise sitting or standing. Gently rotate your shoulders backwards, creating the biggest circle possible. Changing directions will help to open up your chest.

Now your ready for a full body roll. Put your back against a wall, place your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly, roll down one vertebra at a time. Focus on inhaling, as you roll down, and exhaling, as you roll back up, throughout this exercise.

Turn and face the wall for a push up and calf stretching exercise. Reach your arms to the wall, bending your elbows and leaning forward. Try and keep your heels on the floor for a better calf stretch. Contract your ab muscles as you Plank and push away from the wall. Repeat 6 – 8 times.

Boost your mood and reduce pain during pregnancy by exercising as often as possible. Swimming, jogging, and stretching are all great ways to tone and burn calories! Yoga and dance are also beneficial activities that promote health and improve sleep patterns.


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