Rock your core- center of your spirit

Posted by Julie Zeff June - 29 - 2014
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I think of the core physically, as our abs and pelvis – emotionally, as the essence of who we truly are and our personal power – and spiritually, as the center of our Spirit and wisdom. Through my work as a yoga instructor and life coach I have seen that they are all inter-related. When people tap into their core, consciously, they are able to change their lives in amazing ways.

The key to our core is through breathing and staying ultra-present, even when it gets intense, exciting or scary.  Using your Ujjai breath and staying connected to sensations in your abs, instead of thinking about things like what you are going to have for dinner, can leave you feeling exhilarated physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It is common and easy for us to pull out of poses that start to feel intense or to distract ourselves from feelings that are overwhelming. When you start to connect in deeply to the essence of who you are and your personal power at your core it can be easier to distract yourself by thinking about things like what you are going to have for dinner, or what you are going to do right after class. These are ways that you cut yourself off from your core power, from moving forward, and from making changes in your lives that will lead you to vivid and extraordinary living.

Most of us are craving more aliveness and intensity in our lives. Focusing on your physical core is a doorway to finding more emotional and spiritual strength and potency in your life than you have ever known before.

So amp it up in the days to come and trust that the intensity of your core will lead you to more truth, strength and potency on and off the mat!

Core Inquiries and Tips

  1. During a yoga class amp up and intensify your connection to your core.  Stay in your body brining your attention back to your body and the sensations in you belly when your mind wanders.
  2. What is possible for you in your life when feel the aliveness, intensity and power of your core?
  3. Notice when you allow intensity into your life?
  4. Notice when you cut yourself off from intensity?
  5. Invite core aliveness, intensity and power into your life more fully in the days and weeks to come.

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  1. Camila Damas says:

    I need to start yoga ASAP