Secret to Pregnancy Nutrition

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez July - 26 - 2014
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The easy way to get proper nutrition is to eat “real.” What defines “real” are foods that are natural, unrefined, and unaltered. Most pregnancy nutritional advice is to focus on eating vegetables, fruits and grains. Animal products like meat are also a good source of vitamin D which helps the body make the most of its calcium intake. It’s essential to get plenty of protein, high quality fats like butter, wild fish and egg yolks.

The most important tip is to avoid fake food. So many foods are marketed as healthy foods when there nothing of the sort. Stick to whole versions of food. Instead of eating canned corn, opt for fresh corn on the Cobb. Shop at your local vegetable stand and stick to the whole version of food. It’s the easiest way to keep your diet real.

Pregnancy nutrition

During pregnancy, imagine the connection between nourishing your body as you nourish your baby. You are the waiter, so serve your baby with the best possible dish.  It’s your job to go above and beyond to make good choices.

Remember, no one is perfect and yesterday is gone. So today is the perfect moment to start over. It’s a simple decision, so now it’s time to shift gears!

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  1. Lauren (Good) Kaufmann says:

    Yes! Real food is the only way to go! I always found it helpful to only shop the “perimeter” of the grocery store (where all the fresh/real food is). All the processed foods are found in the middle of the store (mostly!). It’s always helpful to prepare some fresh healthy meals (i.e. quinoa, salads, etc) at the beginning of the week and store for a “quick” meal. That way your not tempted to grab unhealthy foods when your hungry!

  2. Michelle F. says:

    I do my best to stay away from processed and packaged foods and I always read the labels for potentially harmful ingredients when I do!

  3. Camila Damas says:

    I loveeeee fresh food. Specially homemade. Cooked by me. The fresher the better. I hate canned food. They smell like
    Dog food