Pregnant Serendipity

Posted by Lauren Robinson May - 2 - 2014
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Are you a woman who is dealing with a surprise pregnancy? You may be a newlywed who wants kids, just not yet. Perhaps you’re in a relationship and want children eventually, but you weren’t expecting it this soon. Or maybe you’re a single woman climbing the corporate ladder and you find out you’re going to have a baby. Regardless of age, relationship status, or lifestyle, an unplanned pregnancy can shock even the most prepared woman!

The stress that comes from learning of a surprise pregnancy may be overwhelming, but it can be an experience that you grow from, and find peace with. You can find serendipity through this experience. The word serendipity means “luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.” (Merriam Webster). You didn’t seek out this baby, but it can pour forth blessings that are worth more than each moment of stress.

When you’re unexpectedly pregnant, it can become difficult to think positive! It’s challenging to turn the negatives into optimism, but it can be done. To reduce your anxiety and to enjoy your serendipitous pregnancy, try looking at these common negatives from a different perspective: body changes, buying new clothes, and make a decision to embrace your peace and harmony!


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