Serene ways to calm down your Newborn

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 21 - 2012
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Motherhood comes with many joys, but cooing your baby to sleep isn’t always one of them. The period between two weeks and three months old can be especially trying when your infant’s crying is at its peak. The good news is that your baby will eventually grow out of this phase. However, if one too many crying sessions has you on the verge of tears try the following methods to help soothe you and your baby.

 Change up the scenery, and go outside for a stroll. The distraction of a new environment in combination with the walking movement will help settle your baby. In addition, the time outside will improve your moods and help release some tension.

 Another trick is to create a relaxing environment  by dimming the lights, playing classical music, and speaking softly.  This atmosphere will quiet your mind and soothe your baby.

 Singing is a trick that is almost as old as motherhood itself. Babies love hearing their mother’s voice, so take advantage of this tried and true classic. The tone of a relaxing lullaby will help put your baby at ease. With time Zen Parenting will become second nature.

 You can also soothe your baby through massages and cuddling. Babies crave human touch, and holding your baby close will make her feel loved and secure. The responding silence will be therapeutic for both of you.

Ways to soothe your newborn

Finally, take a break! It is important to remember to take care of yourself. Babies can sense their mom’s moods, so if you’re feeling stressed call a loved one to come and give you some relief. When you return you will be more ready to tackle motherhood and soothe your fussy baby. But more importantly, learn to Cherish the time, it goes fast!

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