Showing Early in Pregnancy

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez October - 4 - 2014
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All tummies grow at different rates during pregnancy– some women begin to show much faster than others. Some women feel cheated that they aren’t able to hide their bump in their first trimester. Others are overjoyed  to see their baby already, and to have strangers notice and give up their seats on the subway!  If your Baby bump had been growing at a super quick speed, there are a few reasons as to why this can be happening.

showing early

Super Baby

If you feel like your growing tummy has a mind of its own, there is a very good reason for that; it does! Remember, you are carrying another human being, and human beings grow at different paces. If your unborn baby is a quick grower, of course you will start showing earlier.

Muscle Tone

A woman with looser muscles is bound to have a more pronounced tummy than someone with a tight and toned stomach. For this reason, a less muscular woman usually shows sooner than someone with a six-pack. Also, if this is not your first baby, your stomach muscles are already stretched- women almost always show sooner with their second or third baby than they did with their first.

Conception Misconception

This is surprisingly one of the most common explanations for why women suspect that they are showing earlier than expected. A 15 week tummy definitely looks a lot bigger than a 13 week one, so if you miscounted your conception date, this can be the reason for your “early” showing, even if you are only off by a couple of weeks.


The reason for your more pronounced tummy can be as simple as bloating. Some women produce more gas during their pregnancy, which causes them to become more bloated than others. The bloating in your tummy area can cause you to look farther ahead in your pregnancy than you really are.

Double Duty

If you really feel that you are looking way too big for your first trimester, you can be carrying twins! This is especially common in older mommies-to-be. If you have ballooned early and don’t think it is because of any of the other reasons listed above, check with your doctor to see if you have two babies on their way!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Camila Damas says:

    I have a very small shape and with my first pregnancy I felt like pregnant from my 7th Month on it kinda sucks cause all I hear was. Are u really pregnant??? Where is your belly???? Now with this preg. I’m almost 5 months and I already have a cute bump. Second preg always shows faster. Yayyyyy for that

    • Michelle F. says:

      So funny. I showed very early on from bloating, but it definitely tapered off. Now that I’m 8 months, people are amazed that I’m so far along and think that I’m 6-7!