Single During Pregnancy

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez November - 16 - 2014
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We got the chance to speak with one of our Expecting Models about her experience being Single during Pregnancy. Expectant Mom, Rebecca Cherry gained a different kind of wisdom during  her pregnancy that she wanted to share with you!

While reading “The Stork Magazine“, You may find similarities or differences. These feelings are normal, every pregnancy is  different. You may agree or disagree. No one pregnancy is alike.  So feel free to chime in and comment below. We want to hear from you!

Rebecca must have intuitively known that she was Pregnant! The news was revealed in her dream! “I actually woke me up in the middle of the night and I said it out loud, ‘I’m pregnant!’”, she shares.

Single During Pregnancy

To Rebecca, the most memorable experience of her pregnancy to date, was watching her baby move and hearing a heart beat for the first time during a sonogram. She  has been able to navigate her pregnancy with relative ease. While she had to learn how to pace herself and get more sleep to accommodate her exhaustion,  she’s been enjoying her pregnancy body changes and taking care of herself. In fact, even had to pleasure of flaunting her blossoming figure during Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC for You! Lingerie.

Single and Pregnant

 As a woman who has chosen to be a single mom, Rebecca has found that most pregnancy books don’t cater to being single during pregnancy. So, Rebecca started her own project, “The Single Mother Experience”, “to help other women make good choices and find the support they need as they go through pre and post and pregnancy stages”.

Throughout her experience Rebecca has received a great deal of pregnancy advice. She tells “The Stork Magazine” that the most valued piece of advice that she’s received is to “have no expectations. Every pregnancy and birth will be different!” Each woman will have her very own unique experience. Cherry adds, “other tips haven’t been quite helpful.” She has been told to eat whatever she wants to take away the pain but she refuses to stuff her feelings with food. Rebecca chooses to disregard that advice in favor of eating  healthfully for herself and her baby.

Pregnancy Advice

Many women have trouble getting adjusted to the changes in their bodies during pregnancy. Rebecca on the other hand was surprised by how much she enjoys her changing body. “I’m loving my shape and enjoy taking my weekly photos to document the progress”. As of now, Rebecca is only midway through her pregnancy, so the changes haven’t run their full course yet, but she manages to eat well, rest, stay in shape by walking and practicing pre-natal yoga, and using oils on her skin. “I know that it will take some work to get back to my pre pregnancy body, so I’m already planning ahead so it’s not a shock.  I think most of it is going to be emotional and of course genetics with a bit of elbow grease!” Every woman knows how hard it is to stay in shape during pregnancy, but Rebecca isn’t immune to cravings; hamburgers and lemons in particular.

Not all women feel accepting about pregnancy body changes. Rebecca is lucky enough to embrace her journey. Rebecca wants to remind these women that “this is the only time in your life that you get to enjoy being ‘bigger’ and there is nothing wrong with this. Your most important role is your baby and their development.  I always tell myself that it is only temporary. You are so beautiful when you are pregnant, sometimes we can’t see this and need another person to remind us how entirely special this is.  Make healthy choices, and stop counting calories!”

Rebecca Cherry- Expecting Model

Now during her second trimester, Rebecca can safely say that both trimesters have their discomforts and challenges; however her energy level has been much  better! “Everyone tells me to hurry and get as much done as possible now because in a few months I’m going to need a lot more nap time!” At this point in her pregnancy, Rebecca is celebrating the impending arrival of her daughter. When she found out that she was having a girl, she had a gender reveal party with her family and friends. “It was such a wonderful way to find out with everyone around me that I truly care about.”

5 Responses so far.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is great! Can’t wait to read it! Although I won’t be pregnant I’ll still be a single mother by choice. I am glad I was able to make the choice and leave him as well. My little bundle of joy before anyone, any day!

  2. Michelle F. says:

    Wow. I respect what Rebecca is doing… she also looks amazing!!!

    • Thank you for your comments and support! It’s been a wonderful experience so far and I can’t wait to meet my daughter! Keep writing! If you want to join my project please leave a comment and I will be in touch!


  3. Camila Damas says:

    I wish all the good luck to you Rebeccah. That’s so funny we are both craving the same thing. “Lemons”. Omg I always have lemons in my refrigirator and I love eating it by itself with salt only. Yummmm kkkkk. Now. I think fathers make a very important role in a child’s life regardless if you choose to be a single mom by option. Of course there are some cases in life it’s not the mom choice to do so. The guy cheats or leave the woman. That’s a diff case and quite sad because that’s what my husband dad did to him and his mom. He basically left. And now that my husband is a men we talk about. And he says even tho his mom took both roles at home doing what a mom and a dad is suppose to. And she did really well by the way because ” what a men he is”. My husband still mention how much he miss a father figure at home while growing up. Specially for a boy when start getting into puberty and his adolescent age , every stage actually. The father is very important. So now that he have 2 child of his own he always tells me that he wanted to be for his kids all and more that he wasn’t able to have. And that he would never let me go thru what his mom went thru in life. It makes me cry and happy as well of the men god have put in life. Even with all the sufferings him his sister and his mom went thru. Today he stand with his head up high and with much honor to have what he have and to be what he is today.

  4. raina ragin says:

    wow. Rebecca is so right there aren’t enough talk and feedback about being pregnant and single. I as well was single and pregnant 6 years ago and it was for the best. In fact I enjoyed it so much and found it so much more comforting that I’m in the process of doing it again. I have the support of my lil guy and my mom and that is honestly good enough for me.