Top 5 things to Expect after you’ve Delivered

Posted by Lizette Alicea September - 6 - 2013
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New Moms, the first six weeks after childbirth are filled with transformation and adjustment.  Here are the top 5 things to expect after you’ve delivered:

1. Baby Blues: Post natal depression or baby blues is a common occurrence and directly related to hormonal levels.  Feelings of sadness, anxiety and fearfulness are the main offenders. If your are experiencing these feelings and they persist you should speak to your doctor immediately.

2. Engorgement: Your breast will begin to fill with milk whether or not you decide to nurse. If you’re on board with nursing your baby you will be amazed how your body adapts with baby’s feeding pattern. It’s like a supply and demand effect. Avoid becoming engorged by not allowing your breast to stay too full between feedings. If you’re not nursing, then try to express only the fluid and not the milk. Your breast will eventually be relieved.

3. You might be wondering about the state of your Vagina. If you’ve been actively doing Kegel exercises, then it will take you less time to get back into shape then if you haven’t. C-section Momma’s will have to take a little more time engaging in activities that non-c mom’s will. It’s okay, take your time and use your resources.  No pulling, bending nor lifting anything heavy. Take your time to heal. It’s a wise use of your time.

4. Your relationship with your partner. You may feel an enormous amount of resentment or you may fall more in love. Chances are your exhausted, uncomfortable and more irritable than you were throughout your first trimester. Go back to the first item on this list.  If item 1 does not apply to you, then ask him to watch the baby for a bit while yo get a little me time and do whatever you feel like doing…aka take a shower.

5. Your body will begin it’s journey back to pre bump.


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