“Sleep” by Michael A Antus

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez December - 1 - 2010
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Michael A Antus

If I could, I’d like to share something. Aside from being a Musician, I am also a Music Therapist. I find most people don’t know how to “Breath”. Here’s what I mean: Place one hand over your chest, place the other over your belly button. Ta…ke a deep breath. If the hand over your chest moves, your not “Deep Breathing”, the hand over the belly button should be the only hand that moves.Everyone is familiar with a Doctor taping the knee, or elbow to test reflexes. That movement is an “involuntary reflex”, same thing if your tickled. We all know what the Abs are, but most don’t know about the Diaphragm Muscle. It is the largest muscle on a human. The Abs pull in, the Diaphragm pushes out thus expanding the lungs to full capacity. When one engages the Diaphragm some wonderful “involuntary reflexes” come into play.Aside from now having twice the lung capacity, it is the secret of good marathon runners, swimmers, public speakers, and singers. When the diaphragm moves and not the chest, one is not pushing in to the Heart. Allowing it then to find a natural rhythm not affected by the lungs filling the chest and bumping into it. When using the short breath, in a sense your fighting against your self.

By learning to use the Diaphragm,( to move the belly button) the “involuntary reflex” turns on, and one can easily drop the heart rate in half or more. The Diaphragm also triggers the release of many brain chemicals, Endorphins, Dopamine, etc. Thus allowing the Mind to enter into a “Meditative” state of relaxation. This method is also effective in helping one fall asleep.


If it is difficult to do this at first. Lie down. When a Human falls asleep this system automatically turns on. The release of Brain chemicals also helps to stimulate dreams. Which is why one MUST learn this method to Meditate effectively. Learn this, and you will help yourself enter a waking dream state.The old saying “Take ten deep breaths” will finally make sense…

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  1. Endorphins are one of the latest buzzwords when it comes to exercising.
    Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles.