Fit Fun Pregnancy!

Posted by Kristy Richman June - 22 - 2017
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Often times when women are pregnant planned or not, the initial thought may consist of “what am I going to do?’ Being pregnant doesn’t mean that your life is going to drastically change forever. Yes, you are nurturing a human being and you will want to set good examples for the rest of your life, you may want to rethink how some things in your life are but there are some things that do not have to change just because of pregnancy. One thing that doesn’t have to change is your love for sports and exercising. Being physically active brings joy to your world and being pregnant doesn’t mean that the workouts and enjoyment has to stop. Now there are safe and unsafe ways to work out and participate in sports, as always we suggest that do what’s best for you and your baby. Below are some fun sports and suggestions to take part in when pregnant.

walking during pregnancy

Walking: Its spring time and so beautiful out! Walking is such a good idea and it’s a simple fun exercise that could easily meet the 150 minutes of exercise that pregnant women are suggested to participate in weekly.  Walking a mile in under 14 minutes is more of a brisk walk but it’s an excellent workout for the both the body and mind. Try to avoid walking too much to the point when you are exhausted and overheated. Allow yourself a cool down time and make sure you consume plenty of fluids. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for any walk but especially because you are pregnant, don’t tie your shoes too tight and always watch where you’re walking.

swimming during pregnancy

Swimming: A great activity! Swimming helps to strengthen your whole body as well as being a cardiovascular exercise. Swimming helps support your weight as your belly grows, and it keep you on the cooler side since your internal temperature rises while being pregnant .Plus, it’s low impact and let’s be honest, it’s just really fun. Avoid jumping into the water and diving though, this could result in not so pleasant feelings and damage to you and your baby. 

yoga during pregnancy

Yoga: Pilates, or something similar like Tai Chi are great sports to take part in while pregnant. These classes allow you to clear your mind and be stress free for just a few minutes out of the day, but so worth it! Having this time to relax and meditate is a must when pregnant since you are feeling all the pressures from the world. If you don’t like classes there are tapes available that you can perform the workouts in the comfort of your living room.

bowling during pregnancy

Golf and bowling: A very fun and competitive sports. Be careful not to lift anything that it too heavy to handle and keep yourself in balance.

tennis during pregnancy

Tennis: We would suggest only playing tennis if you are an experienced player before becoming pregnant. It’s perfectly fine to play tennis but a suggestion would be to pace yourself and not strain yourself for the ball or for a better workout. You are pregnant after all, running very hard may not be the best choice and the quick stops could result in falls or moving your baby around too much. Be gentle with yourself, it’s still possible to play the sport you love as long are careful.

During your pregnancy you may want to stay away from sports such as…

  • Contact sports
  • Skiing
  • Horse back riding
  • Gymnastics
  • Surfing
  • Water skiing
  • Snow boarding
  • Scuba diving
  • Amusement park rides

These heavy involved sports could result in vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath, headaches, chest pain, faint feelings, muscle weakness, fluid leaking, decreased fetal movement, calf pain, blood clots, and preterm labor.

Don’t forget to always check in with your doctor to make sure you are safe to proceed with these workouts and sports. Being pregnant is a wonderful thing and now more than ever pregnant woman are pushing the boundaries of the “old pregnant” ways. Women are no longer expected to stay home, they are encouraged to stay out in the environment and continue a better life for themselves.

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  1. Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

    Have a fun pregnancy! Work out and live life!