Spring forward – achieve your resolutions

Posted by Lizette Alicea April - 8 - 2012
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Has your New Year’s List of Resolutions fallen to the way side? If so, spring forward into thinking about what you’ve had on your list of things to do and start doing. Breathe and Meditate on your goals, sit in the desire of the transformations you aspire to achieve, embody and embark.

Spring is a great time to bounce back from hibernation. Most people, especially during pregnancy become recluse in the winter months, while others live in a climate unaffected by the season’s change. Yet, we can all agree that the time passes regardless of how we spend it. It is a universal experience and our resolutions can be revisited and become “done” on our list of “to do’s”, if we shift our thinking. If we can sit in peace and harmony with our self and loved ones then, we can move mountains.

There are some aspects in your life that you want to adjust. If a specific desire to transform made your list, then isn’t it worth you working on? Thinking and doing take effort. When thinking about what needs to get done you can become overwhelmed. You may want to dismiss the notion or the idea of seeing the task through. However, a simple step to take that will bring you closer to your goal is to make a list with a time frame of execution. Think about breaking down the tasks into manageable mini steps toward completion. Relax your mind, plant the seeds, water the concepts and watch your life grow.



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