Spring inspired baby names

Posted by Lizette Alicea April - 8 - 2012
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Spring conjures ideas of newness, rebirth and vitality. Nature’s bloom is a reflection of all three. When we name our child in homage to this season it’s an echo of our inner voices praise for the ethereal celebration of life.

For girls the classics are April, Lilly, Rose and sometimes Lilly-Rose. The retro picks are Florence, Daisy and Clara. The new and upcoming trend is the now infamous (Blue) Ivy, thank you Jay Z and Beyonce.

For boys the classics are Jack, Eli, Dewey. The Retro picks are Leif, River, Stone and the boarder line trendy Hunter. Trending name Jagger, thank you Maroon 5.

So Spring into action with cool picks this season and don’t forget to play the name game.


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