Spring Maternity Fashion

Posted by Lauren Robinson April - 16 - 2014
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Imagine. It’s a beautiful spring morning. Still a little cool, but the sun is out, and you know by noon it’ll be a comfortable 75 degrees. The birds are chirping, and you have a very happy baby kicking in your beautiful belly. There are just a few errands to run for your day, so you go to your closet and guess what? There’s nothing to wear!!! Complete nightmare. This is how plenty of pregnant women feel, so you’re definitely not the only one. But it’s not so much that there’s nothing to wear, as it is that sometimes fashion is intimidating. Especially when you’re faced with a new body that is constantly changing. But clothes, of all things, should be the least of your worries.

spring maternity fashion

There are plenty of things that can be worn, even while in the later stages of pregnancy. Layers and prints are usual stuck on the bottom of the list, because of the fear of looking like “grandma’s table cloth”. However, layers and prints are definitely moving their way up the list this season. Pairing clean light shorts, with a plain collared shirt, and a lightly printed sweater is an outfit to die for. Well not literally, but it’s breathtaking. It’s fresh, cute, light, and has the perfect touch of warmth to keep you bundle of joy happy. It’s not the empire waist that almost every magazine suggest that you wear. It’s an out of the box outfit, that’s a great alternative.

Whether you experiment more with different prints, or with different layering methods, either will get you quickly noticed as the hot mom. And who doesn’t want to be hot? Having options that you like are great. Being pregnant isn’t a sentence to wearing drab clothes for a few months, it’s a chance to dress you and your unborn child fabulously! So show off your legs, add some color, and maybe even a pattern or two to your closet and await the birth of your child in style.

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  1. candice camacho says:

    I usually found myslef wearing just a larger size empire wait dress. Wearing dresses made me feel pretty and femine. I really didn’t like the maturnity type tops that accented my tummy. I more prefered the dresses to fall lightly over my stomach. I bought several things at Target and Maturnity Destination.