Style your Bump! What’s in your closet? #bumpingbunch

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez February - 28 - 2017
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Style your Bump! What’s in your closet?

Why do all Maternity Designers love working with Expecting Models? Well, a picture saves a thousand words. Expecting Models grow REAL BUMPS and take special care of their skin! No fake bellies here!  Top Fashion Maternity Models are always bump ready! These beautiful pregnant women show the every day modern mom, that they too, can have the ability to bring their world of maternity fashion to it’s knees! Expecting Models has one big secret and it’s a simple question.

What’s in your closetI’ll bet you’ll find trending treasures to help style your bump! Go ahead, open your closet!  Even when you think you have nothing to wear, keep looking, I’ll bet with patience and creativity, You’d be surprised at all the clothes you own to STYLE YOUR BUMP!

Well, of course, we want to see….You must give it away to keep it. It’s just our tiny secret and you too can be a part of the #bumpingbunch!



Pregnant Model

Allyn of Expecting Models is all about the moment. Right before her maternity photoshoot with Gap, she grabbed her i phone and snapped a selfie! Like a wild flower she dared to viva her glam!

Pregnant women like YOU, inspire us and countless others! So show us what you got! Comment below, then share on Social Media! You are have now  joined the #bumpingbunch

Expecting Models




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