Thanksgiving Activities for the kids

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez November - 27 - 2014
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For most, with Thanksgiving comes a four day weekend for you and your kids. Along with your usual Thanksgiving family festivities, use this time to spend some extra quality time with your children. Stuck for fun things to do over the long weekend? Try out some of these ideas-

Thanksgiving Day Activities


If you live in or near New York, take your kids to see the Thanksgiving Day Parade- it will be something they always remember. If not, see if there are any parades going on in your area, or watch it on TV.


Thanksgiving weekend is a great time for arts and crafts. You can make Thanksgiving hand turkeys with your kids by tracing your hands, and decorating your drawing with feathers. Or you can go a step further, and make turkey puppets using old gloves. Fall foliage is also fun inspiration. Make collages with leaves, or make crayon prints of leaf patterns.


Lots of family friendly movies come out over Thanksgiving weekend. This year, that list includes Antarctica: A Year on Ice, Penguins of Madagascar, and Hunger Games. Check your local theater to see what kid friendly movies are airing near you!


Football is the official sport of Thanksgiving. Suggest your family goes outside for a game. If you don’t play football, you can still have fun just throwing the ball around.

 Play Outside-

If you aren’t into football, you should still use the opportunity to layer up and play outside. Jump in piles of leaves and enjoy your final non-snow days.

Board games-

After you’ve gotten your outdoor fix, come back inside, make some hot chocolate or hot apple cider, and have a family board game night!

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  1. Camila damas says:

    We just had dinner a few hours ago and then we all watched a movie and now the guys arr playing video game. And its over 12am and my toddler still awakes. She loves when my husband family come visit from atlanta. Happy thaksgiving everyone