Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 29 - 2017
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 The American Dream? Aren’t we all Immigrants?

It’s impossible to ignore all the changes going on in the world. My heart aches to be a witness to so many families fighting to stay together. Whatever happened to “The American Dream”?

My grandmother Mary Perez had to take a boat at the tender young age of 11 from Puerto Rico to Ellis Island. Her only goal was to find for a better life because in Puerto Rico  opportunities were very limited. If my grandmother didn’t have the courage to be ripped away from her family to start a life in the USA, Expecting Models would not be here. Let’s face it, there was a time when women couldn’t vote! Imagine trying to work as a confident and sexy pregnant model?

We must unite and stand tall to fight and protect our rights as women for freedom in our country. Bottom line, no one should be stripped away from their family. It’s unconstitutional! Period! Real Families need to stay together and no one should make that decision for you!

Model Immigrants

When I started Expecting Models  my outlook was considered very progressive at that time. Clients were padding models with prosthetic bellies and fooling the eyes and intelligence of educated woman.

I remember looking at a magazine and thinking, “How dare you tell me that she’s really pregnant in this advertisement! Come on, how insulting”.

I’m 17 years into running my business and it’s been a huge success, Yes, I’ve had moments where I  have fallen flat on my face, and I’ve grown from those moments. As a women and an American, we are taught to fight for what we believe is right. In my tenure, I have fought every fashion modeling agency in the business, to carve a niche for real pregnant professional models. Where did my passion for this cause come from… I was her! I was that young model who was finally booking enough modeling gigs where I no longer needed a second job. When I joyously  became pregnant, there were no agencies specializing in REAL PREGNANT MODELS. On that day, Expecting Models was born.

I’ve worked hard for Expecting Models. I started this agency in a 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan with $10.00 and a dream. Why wouldn’t I pass the torch and help others who come to The United States Of America with hope, dreams,and determination? What’s going on today, right now, is unacceptable and Un-American! Helping others is the most rewarding feeling that I have in the depths of my soul!   I am proud to say, I’ve learned from countless interns and models who have worked for me while here in the USA with a Green Card or Work Visa. I wouldn’t be here without them! These people have taught me about resilience and perseverance, and I have been inspired by them. Why on heavens earth would we shut the door on wonderful human beings that contribute to the US Economy?

So right on America! Let our refugees in! They have provided abundance to this country. They are fantastic individuals who put their lives on the line for the United States of America! As I watch the babies of my pregnant models grow up, I know I’m on the right path! We must remain steadfast so our next generation will have promising lives!

God Bless America!



By: Liza Elliott-Ramirez & Naomi Morales-Golden


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