The power of touch

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez December - 13 - 2011
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Massage offers a unique way of regenerating the soul. Parenting is a hard task. It’s a constant streamline of pushing water up hill. When you soul needs a makeover, physical touch can transform your mind body and spirit into a positive rejuvenated powerhouse. In fact, in some areas of India, the art of massage is being handed down from mother to daughter as a natural part of the art of caring for a child. Massage strengthens and regulates the circulation of the blood, breathing and digestion.Use natural oil (such as almond or olive) or a lubricating cream to make your fingers glide over the skin. Choose a warm room, relax and let the massage begin. Enjoy the transforming beauty through pure touch. It’s your time!

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  1. I enjoyed massage. It helps me get relieve from backache. Postnatal massage can helps to slim down too. My sons love my free style massage too.