Doing Frazzle

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez September - 26 - 2011
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In a flash, negativity can spin you into a tizzy, your center blown to smithereens. As parents life gets so busy where we often have difficulty balancing healthy respect for our emotional self. During the course of parenting I’ve had moments of complete insanity where just having the time to pay bills felt like my world was tumbling down. Although I truly don’t wish those feelings on anyone, during those times I’ve had revealing breakthroughs on how I needed to adjust my world in order to operate.

I now look back at that portrait and realize, I blew plenty of opportunities, wasting time which could have been used wisely. I could have been practicing things that would aid my need to feel safe and balanced. One of my biggest downside taking advantage of sleep when given the opportunity.

Liza and Talia

In my life today, I talk to myself, I recognize when I’m doing “FRAZZLE” Then put myself in check and say, “Liza, your doing frazzle”. These are generally moments, when I start misplacing my keys, can’t find my purse, my wallet, getting easily agitated, … you get it!

Where ever you are in your parenting journey, make sure you take care of yourself first! Then I guarantee, you will get your groove back!



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