Tips for Posing as a Maternity Model

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez May - 29 - 2015
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Tips for Posing as a Maternity Model-

I’m Liza Elliott-Ramirez, CEO and Founder of Expecting Models, I’m a former model of over 24 years and like no other agent, understand the business of posing as a pregnant model. I’ve modeled during both my pregnancies and know what it takes to become a successful pregnant model!

Liza Elliott-Ramirez CEO/Founder of Expecting Models

With decades of personal experience both in front and behind the camera, I know first hand how to pose as a fashion, lifestyle, or runway maternity model including what maternity designers and pregnant clients want when they book YOU!

All pregnant women are beautiful, yes this is true, but it takes a skill to model with a belly and feel comfortable with your ever-changing curves. Every season fashion changes and every professional model knows that there isn’t one staple Pregnancy-pose that will transfer a style into a trending look. Modeling is a craft that isn’t for everyone. A pregnant model must feel at ease with her body, self direction, and suggestions from the photographer. Bear in mind that last year’s trending maternity poses may not be the talk of the town this year. So have fun and be yourself through creative expression!

Pregnancy fashion has some of the hottest clothes that are trending styles. So when a model is booked on a maternity modeling job, she should be equipped to work her body and bump in the same capacity she did before she became pregnant. This doesn’t mean all maternity photo shoots require sexy posing, however pregnant models must be prepared to own the role she is booked to portray. Whether a maternity model is doing a photo shoot for fitness, catalog, runway or print, you are the controller of how your body moves, and often times you will need to take leadership and self direct. You are booked to deliver, (no pun intended) a fashionable sense of style and add flair to the shoot. The ultimate goal is to sell the clothing or product in exchange for top maternity model rates!

Expecting Models represents professional models and actresses across the United States that become pregnant. Even though a model has a developed portfolio, doesn’t mean she is comfortable modeling her bump. Each and every model is different and has a distinct style. Maternity designers don’t want you to lose your style. They’ve booked you because they liked your pre-pregnancy modeling portfolio. So it’s your job to be consistent as your book illustrates, and pose in a similar style, you just happen to be pregnant.

Here are a few tips on maternity modeling poses during pregnancy that you may find helpful as you embark upon your journey as a pregnant model.

Maternity Poses


Before you think about posing pregnant in lingerie, look at the garment. How does it make you feel? Once you put it on, let your body guide you into how your body reacts and effortlessly receive direction by the photographer. Most importantly relax and get into character. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer about his/her vision. Remember, maternity modeling for lingerie is not pornography. So avoid maternity poses that suggest as such.

pregnant model

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This type of pregnancy modeling tends to be more casual, you might be asked to move a little less so the focus is on the garment. Your model poses should be more lifestyle. Pregnant models that book e-commerce know it’s a different vibe than modeling for a pregnancy magazine. You may find that some catalog clients are getting a tad edgy, so be prepared to go with the flow.

Pregnant model

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When one thinks of editorial, you may automatically envision the fashion section of Vogue Magazine. If  Expecting Models agency books you for editorial, expect high fashion modeling, you just happen to have a bump. It’s a good idea to practice photographing maternity fashion poses by dressing up and experimenting in front of a mirror with your bump. Wear high heels and makeup. Truly go for the look! Then have your partner or friend take pictures of you. Don’t expect to wow your self, some models have a hard time seeing themselves with a bump. This is natural,  you are used to having a slender mid section. However, clients want your bump and will appreciate your style and enthusiasm during the pregnancy shoot. So have fun!

Posing for maternity modeling- High Fashion


Walking the catwalk is easier than it appears. Having a bump as a runway pregnant model may alter the way your normally strut. Your center of gravity is over your base of support. One major tip is to keep your shoulders back and relaxed with your chest forward. This will help even out the imbalance you may feel. One pitfall is allowing your shoulders to hunch over. This will shift your walk forward and can cause imbalance. Remember, you are simply walking, just with an edge. Don’t let your bump take away your stylish catwalk. Maternity Runway shows are so much fun and truly inspirational.

Pregnant runway models

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Fitness Modeling is hard enough without a belly so make to sure to inform your agent with what exercises you can or cannot do during your pregnancy. Always get clearance from your Doctor, OBGYN or Midwife before embarking on any type of prenatal fitness routine. If you have the green light, enjoy the athletic side of you during pregnancy. Stick to fitness pregnancy poses that illustrate the goal for that specific shoot. Make it a productive day. After all, you are getting paid as a maternity fitness model to work out! Now that’s a win!

Maternity fitness poses

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