Top 5 Starter Gear for the New Mom

Posted by Lizette Alicea September - 21 - 2012
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As a new mom, starting your baby closet is easier than you think. Newborns don’t need a lot of wardrobe. Starting with a few easy simple must haves will get you through the next 6 months.

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll appreciate this short list for baby wear, feeding, bathing, sleeping and travel. As your life as a new mom expands, with time, your list will grow with the essentials you’ll need to live comfortably.

Because babies come in all shapes and sizes; we suggest that you have Newborn to 3Mos and 3 to 6Mos-sized clothing. Starter gear includes: hats, Onsides, pants/coveralls, undershirts, gowns, outwear, rompers, shirts, socks and booties.

Whether you decide to Nurse or bottle-feed your baby, items from the following list will get you set up. Breast pump, bottles, bottlebrush, bottle drying rack/wash rack, bottle warmer, bibs, burp cloths, nursing tops and formula. Ask your pediatrician which formula they recommend.

It’s Bath time and for the baby it’s a new beginning. Supplies such as a bathtub, baby soap, hooded towels, wash clothes and nail clippers are basic essentials. These moments are not only special and soothing but can help you and baby bond. Use baby lotion and make extra time to gently massage your little one in a heated room.  This gift of relaxation will stay with your baby for years to come.

Depending on your baby’s temperament, co-sleepers can be a great alternative for a crib or bassinet. As your baby gets older  you can use it as a play pen.

If you’re a road warrior you’ll need comfy baby transportation. Your stroller will need to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are jogger or an executive mom, finding the right stroller is like buying a car. It has to mirror your life style.  Take your time to research and choose the right fit for you and baby. You’ll also need a car seat, diaper bag, baby carrier, baby wipes and of course don’t forget to pack the Flip Cam!


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  3. Luna Neve says:

    Would you go for a diaper bag with a shoulder strap or one in backpack design? A lot of the designs that are coming out in the market are in backpack design which is more convenient for any parent. With a backpack diaper bag, you have both hands free to take care of your baby and carry other stuff…*

    Have a good weekend