Transitioning from breast to bottle

Posted by Carla Schwartz December - 4 - 2011
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Many woman find breast feeding one of the most amazing experiences of their life. For some moms, weaning off is a true sense of loss. While others can’t wait to reclaim their body and put the nursing bras to rest. For most, the transition is bitter sweet. It may be a relief not to be feel so physically needed by your baby, but many miss the intimacy. Every baby is different. Some babies wean off on their own, while others want to nurse around the clock. There is no right decision. There are lots of factors that come into play, from how long he’s been nursing to whether he’s use to the bottle to how old he is. Weaning a child from a bottle can be hard too. Toddlers can get very attached, and parents may have trouble saying goodbye to this last vestige of babyhood. No matter what situation, your child will adapt, it will just take time and patience on your part.

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