Traveling with baby

Posted by Kristy Richman May - 8 - 2015
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When traveling with a baby everything can seem a little more complicated. The big thing to do is plan out your vacation. Where are you going? What will you need? Is there a kitchen? A play area? Make a list of all these questions and answer them before even packing and finishing the planning for your vacation. All of the answers to the questions will allow you to travel properly with your little bundle.

Here are some tips that can help you before, during, and after you reach your destination.

travel with kids


First, it’s always good to pack in advance so you know that you will be prepared for your travels. Also, be smart in your packing. Place the items that you will use the most on top of your bag or in different pockets so you have easy access. When you are packing you also want bring some extra clothing and supplies for you and the baby, just in case the plans change, it’s always best to be prepared. Pack favorite toys, music machines for naps and the nights rest, more than the counted out amount of diapers and wipes as well as any medicines or lotions your baby may need. You may also want to pack a change of shirt and a sleeper for you and your baby incase there are mishaps while on the plane or in the car. It’s great to think about packing a little play rug or area for your baby to have some space and fun when you arrive. Okay you are ready to go!


While traveling whether you are taking a car, train, or plane it’s a good idea to keep your bags close to you so they are there when you need anything. Use the outer pockets of the bag to store toys or snacks and use them at leisure during travel. First we have planes, even before purchasing a ticket it’s best to look at where the seat is, are you close to a restroom? Do you and/or your baby prefer the window seat? Now, while prepping for your flight, take full advantage of pre boarding so you and your baby are comfortable before take off. While on the plane it is always one hundred percent fine to breast feed and it is not an inconvenience to anyone else. It’s also okay to walk to isles when told its safe. Both you and your baby could use the stretch and its movement allowing them to feel soothed.  If you are driving a car, set your baby up with their favorite mobile, movie, or music. Take breaks if need be to stretch and breath the fresh air, and make them and yourself as comfortable as possible.

traveling with babies


When you have reached your destination things might seem a little crazy. You have to unpack and make the place you’re staying feel like home. Set up the kitchen (if there is one) with everything you will need at a moments notice for meals. Organize the bathroom and create a changing area that changing materials stay in at all times so they aren’t misplaced. After doing this, create a homely environment for both you and your baby. A baby can pick up on stress and anxiety very easily so creating the “home” feeling will allow your baby to relax with you. Look at the room and designate areas that the baby can play in, relax, get changed, and feed. This will put the child into a routine instead of constantly moving them around the room. Now, sleep and travel could be a book in itself but the main thing to remember is to try and keep your baby’s sleep routine the same as if you were home. Bring the nighttime routine to them. Bath them at the same time, feed them, bring their same nighttime toys and blankets, also a light noise machine helps when sleeping in a new place. It’s more difficult to keep the same sleep pattern if you are in different time zones, but it is best to try and keep their schedule the same as if they were home.

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