Healthy Boundaries

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez February - 2 - 2015
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There are times when receiving advice from others on how to raise your child feels like boundaries are being crossed. There’s a difference when you share with another mom rather than hearing an opinion from someone you may not like or trust.


Babies are conversation grabbers. Practically every human loves the innocence and presence of a newborn or spirited toddler. Babies are like magnets attracting all this attention. Somehow wires get mixed and people tend to cross the invisible line giving unwanted advice. Opinions can be precarious because we all raise our children differently.

Be mindful when offering your opinion. Once you’ve trespassed, moms have every right to put a halt on your take.

Know-it-all family and friends mean well, but sometimes it’s taxing to practice gracious tolerance. Being a mom means you’re on constant duty and while a mom is tired, all-knowing outside advice can feel annoying.

Be grounded as you set healthy boundaries. It’s okay be honest and gently put someone in their place. After all, it’s your life and it’s your birth right to own it!

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