Turn Pregnancy Delivery Fears Into A Memorable Experience

Posted by Kristy Richman October - 6 - 2015
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Let’s face it, every expectant mom has delivery fears and it’s perfectly normal. There are plenty of  ways to ease your worries and turn pregnancy delivery fears into a memorable experience. Stress and anxiety is common. In fact most women face some type of fear or worry. You’re not alone! Here are some tips to reduce the stress before and during your pregnancy.

Reduce Stress during Pregnancy delivery

Pregnancy Prepping: When you find out you are pregnant it is now time to come up with some sort of plan. Obviously planning finances, a space for your baby, upon many other things are essential, but the planning I’m speaking of is the birthing plan.  This plan usually consists of a midwife or doula and that person, as well as your doctor, assists you in making a birth plan. Having this plan can ease your worries  and provide you with a solid support group of experts who will help you become familiar with what is  going to take place before, during, and right after giving birth.

Music: A great way to let stress float away (especially during labor) is to listen to music. Whatever your preferred music genre is, have it with you. Allow the flow of your favorite musical sound to comfort your thoughts and bring your mind to a place of ease instead of listening to machines and conversations that you need not worry about.

Dim Lights: Bright lit rooms are great for certain instances but when giving birth you would want your room to be on the mellow side. You want everyone to be able to see of course, because important things are currently happening, but softening the lights a tad will give you less of a “spotlight” and more relaxed feeling.

Visitors: Knowing you have support is a great feeling but all that support right in the delivery room can heighten the stress when added stress is not needed. It’s perfectly fine to be emotionally surrounded by loved ones that are waiting in the waiting room. Not everyone has to be in the room while you deliver and it’s up to you to decide who you want to be part of that process. Also, if you change your mind, that’s perfectly fine, just allow your needs and wants to be met.

Different Births: Understand and become familiar with various types of birthing options and what they entail.  Some times things do not go as planned. There may be a needed cesarean section that you nor your birthing supporters saw coming, if this occurs you have every right to feel slighted and a bit sad but you have to think of what is better for the birth of your child. If during labor a different procedure is brought up or suggested, it’s best to know what the doctor is speaking of so you are fully educated with every option.

Hospital Protocol: Understand hospital lingo. Some codes and professional talk may seem a little overwhelming especially if you are focusing on other things that are a little more important. Knowing what is happening in your surroundings is key. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask.

Birthing Ball: At the start of your labor it’s a great idea to use a birthing ball. As you find your balance, rock and allow a gentle bounce to help open and create space in the pelvis allowing your baby to ease his or her way down. Birthing balls can truly lend a helping hand. It may even help speed up dilation and the process of labor. A birthing ball can help relieve back, hip and pelvic pain during labor. You may even find it soothing.

Questions: It’s perfectly fine to ask questions, do not feel like you’re being a bother. You want to know what is going on and you want to be in the loop of your journey. Knowing and understanding everything in your surroundings is very encouraged. Remember knowledge is power. This is your delivery experience and one of the more precious moments of life. Stay in the moment and allow your body to take it all in, as this will be one of the best memories of your life!

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