Water Babies

Posted by Lizette Alicea March - 23 - 2012
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New Moms who have opted for water birthing can really appreciate the importance of baby swimming.  If you have access to a pool, consider teaching your baby how to swim on top and under water.  Babies can begin lessons as early as 12 weeks.

Swimming lessons are beneficial for a few (obvious) reasons. Babies love to swim and once they realize that they can, it helps them achieve a sense of independence before they can even move on land. Generally, it’s easier for babies to learn how to swim than it is an older child or an adult. They are uninhibited and their natural kicking and breathing instincts kick in when in water. It’s almost as if they are meant to be in water. Moms and Dads who swim with their children can find that this is another level of bonding and an activity that can take you though a life time.

If you are interested in teaching your baby how to swim and believe that his temperament and age is appropriate then the next step would be to  check with your pediatrician to make sure that the baby is physically fit to start.

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