Water Exercise, A Great Fitness Alternative during Pregnancy

Posted by Lizette Alicea March - 16 - 2013
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Pregnancy not only brings on curves but also a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle.  For many moms-to-be, exercise is embedded in their daily repertoire so getting to the gym is a no brainer.  However, a common phase in pregnancy is the clumsy stage and if you happen to feel imbalanced no worries, an alternative to lifting weights and walking on the treadmill is exercising in the pool.

The benefit of water exercising is that your body is supported. The buoyancy provided by the water makes it impossible for you to fall and land with real impact. Water exercise is adaptable to suit your ability and you don’t need to know how to swim. Your heart rate is easily become anaerobic during water exercise yet you’re still working your muscles, calming your mind and relieving tension in all the areas that have had to become a little extra supportive of you and your bump.

Consult your doctor before you dive in and do a little research to find the perfect place to practice.  Once you get clearance to take a dip go float, calm your mind and relax.

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