Ways to ease your pregnancy worries

Posted by Ellen Back November - 21 - 2013
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It’s normal to get pregnancy gitters! Let’s be honest, expecting mothers have so much on their plates. From baby proofing the house, to undetermined labor dates and frequent doctor visits, it’s inevitable for a parent to feel a little anxious about upcoming their pregnancy. In order to ease those worries, here are some helpful stress busters to help you in your time of chaos.

birthing classes

1. Birthing classes

An excellent way to stay educated before labor is to take birthing classes. Typical sessions consist of lectures, discussions, and exercises, which are led by trained childbirth instructors. Not only are classes informative and fun, they also provide great opportunities for you and your partner to meet other expectant parents who might have a child the same age as yours.

2. Listen to music

The power of music has the ability to change your entire state of mind. When you find yourself overwhelmed with worries, search for your favorite artists on music apps like Pandora or get lost in a soothing playlist on 8 tracks to ease your mind of daily stresses.

3. Go for a walk

Get in tune with your spiritual side by taking a walk with nature. Visit a neighborhood park and map the trails you would like to take your child on. Take this time to reflect on where you are and where you would like to go in life. Nature walks are great ways to start re-evaluating your priorities.

4. Get in touch with an old friend

With the excitement of your pregnancy, you probably lost some touch with some of your good friends. If that’s the case, write a friendly letter or message an old friend on Facebook. It’s always nice to stay up to date on your friendships and share new advances in your lives.

5. Read 

Escape your world by getting lost in another. We’re not just talking baby books here; we’re talking any kind of books! If you’re into the romance novels, indulge in some love stories by Nicholas Sparks and grab a box of tissues for the tear-jerking pages. Reading is a great way to stimulate your brain and it’s the best alternative to watching TV.

6. Exercise

Like we mentioned in previous articles, prenatal exercise is a great way to not only stay in shape but also relieve stress. The release of endorphins when working out has the ability to enhance your mood and lift your spirits. Create a workout playlist and jam out while you’re walking on the treadmill.

7. Hire a midwife

Midwives provide you with an incredible support system. Their knowledge and experience will truly boost the confidence you have in your pregnancy. If you’re stressed about the labor process, consider hiring a Doula to help guide you.

8. Get intimate 

Console in your partner and discuss your issues with your loved ones. It’s okay to feel vulnerable and overwhelmed at times. A great way to alleviate stress is to share it. Maybe this will be a good time to connect with your spouse and fulfill each other’s emotional and sexual desires.

9. Scrapbooking

A fun way and creative way to stay busy is to start scrapbooking! It’s a great way to create visual memories and sentimental gifts to your future child. Document your life before and after your pregnancy to look at the transformation. It will be incredible to see the difference between your life now and your life then.

10. Build a nursery

Working on project is a great way to distract yourself from everyday worries. You can start brainstorming fun ideas for a baby nursery by creating a visual to document your plans. Print online images or cut out pictures from a magazine to gain inspiration for your perfect nursery.

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