What Causes Morning Sickness?

Posted by Sam Perez September - 9 - 2013
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One of the most commonly asked questions during a pregnancy happens to revolve around an unpleasant trip to the bathroom. I mean, no one wants a toilet to be their first hello in the morning, right? Well, in order to help prevent the morning sickness madness, The Stork Magazine has compiled a list of possible causes and suggestions to help prevent you from revisiting the sight of last night’s dinner.


Stress and Anxiety. Instead of piling up your to-do list for your baby to come, find a day to completely relax and clear your mind. Listen to music, read, take a walk, watch your favorite episode of Friends and just take the entire day off. Excessive amounts of stress for a pregnant woman has the potential to not only result in an upset stomach but also an upset baby as well.

Hormone Variance. Due to a change in your body’s hormones, you are likely to face an increase in the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which provokes nausea and occurs throughout the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Low Blood Sugar. Diabetics aren’t the only individuals who face issues when consuming inadequate amounts of sugar. During the early stages of being pregnant, make sure your body contains enough sugar to not only properly function but also relieve you from those early morning bathroom visits.

Sensitivity to Smell. If you have leftover Chinese takeout sitting in the fridge, that may just be it! Studies have shown that during pregnancy, some women may be more sensitive to certain odors which can trigger the gag reflex. So, be aware of what scents and smells are lurking in your fridge.

In most cases, women will experience some degree of vomiting and/or nausea during pregnancy. The exact cause of morning sickness is unknown but these are just a few common ways to help alleviate its symptoms.

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