Santa Who?

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez December - 26 - 2010
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By Liza Elliott-Ramirez

Tis the season, yes still jolly, but gladly over.

Running, wrapping, and coming up with different ways to keep Santa alive. My kids sat on Santa’s lap to take a christmas photo and my 6 year old said, “mom, Santa has blond hair?” I mean, really couldn’t he tuck it in?

My ten year old could barely keep a straight face. Neither could I! My daughter asked if the teenage girls at the register were santa’s elves.. As they gave us the hard sell on the “all inclusive package”. I can’t help having another laugh at the blurry video. Just to think, my HD flip was right inside my purse.

Moving faster and faster to get it all done, I forgot to put the wrapping paper back.

“Mom, you forgot to put the wrapping paper away, you know the one that you used last year!” S—-!

So, let’s just say, I’m done lying about Santa. It’s cute, but at this stage, our kids are above and beyond Jingle Bells! Let’s just look at “Santa’s” gifts….  Um……DSI, I Touch, I Tune gift cards,  Nintendo…. What next a Hummer?

Listen, I’m tapped out of ideas on how to keep Fa, la, la, la, alive. I’ve exhausted all my tips and tricks. All expired!

So here’s my real talk..Santa may as well “poof be gone” and that’s the world we live in. My little guys are always one up on me.

SO, Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa. Now giddy-up!

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