Why stretching during Pregnancy is more safe than ever

Posted by Ellen Back February - 8 - 2016
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If you’ve ever taken a yoga class in your life time, you know how important and crucial stretching during pregnancy can be. Well, news flash! Stretching your pregnant body isn’t just beneficial when it comes to aerobic exercises; it’s actually extremely beneficial for your overall physical, emotional and mental health as well. Stretching acts as a great tool for relaxation and emotional stability. You can stretch any time, any where, with anyone (as you should)!

pregnancy stretching

Although it is typically common to stretch before exercise, you will find that stretching during pregnancy is a great way to start your day and alleviate tension. Regular stretching for expecting moms can also improve flexibility and prevent any type of common injury. Listed below are some key advantages of stretching and how it is more safe and beneficial than ever.

Loosens stiff muscles.

Every time you stretch, there is an increase in the level of oxygenated blood flow to your muscles. This helps your body flush out lactic acid which decreases muscle soreness. Stretching provides you with more energy and gives your body a sense of renewal and rejuvenation.

Keeps you relaxed.

Stretching while pregnant has powerful stress-relieving abilities. It allows you to find your middle-ground and it acts as its own form of mediation. Set aside 15 minutes each day and dedicate that time strictly to stretching. Take deep breaths and enter your own world of peace and quiet.

Helps you cope with emotions.

Sometimes pregnant women are so overwhelmed with our feelings and emotions that we don’t know how to handle it or where to direct it all. So when in doubt, three words: stretch it out. Throw your worries away by focusing on the positive aspects of your life, like your good health, good job, good family and friends. Since stretching is considered an exercise, which releases endorphins, improving your mood and overall state of mind. Psychological and emotional stress can be alleviated with the power of soothing stretches.

Prevents injury and harm.

Muscles are bound to get short and tighter with age which makes you more susceptible to muscle, tendon and joint injuries. Stretching during pregnancy is useful because it allows you to maintain flexibility and it improves your overall circulation. It also reduces risks of pregnancy aches and pains. Extending your muscles periodically will help keep you stay limber and make it easier for you to spread your legs when it’s time for you to be in labor.

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