This maternity season stripes are everywhere, in still colors, illustrating outdoorsy freedom, mindful moods, and even fierce bump femininity. In fact, strong stripes on a pregnant women are an ultra feminine trend which add a new depth and perspective that deliver maximum grounding authority. There is a stripe for everyone  [ Read More ]

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It’s your job to look good as a maternity model mom! What moves you isn’t always the baby in you’re belly. Maternity fashion is ever changing just like all trending fashions and styles. Whether you’re a mom walking your toddler onto the playground or a model walking into a pregnancy  [ Read More ]

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Now that you’ve completed you’re first 2 trimesters, its time to epitomize the last few weeks of your pregnancy with comfort and style! Turning heads, as you trudge through you’re third trimester,… its more eye catching than you think. People will be in awe as you glow like the dominated  [ Read More ]

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Matters of the sole may agree that fit is everything. During pregnancy swollen feet can leave a lasting imprint. As your body grows, you’ve probably noticed your feet have too. Did you know that the hormone relaxin helps loosen ligaments around your feet, allowing the bones to spread and is  [ Read More ]

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My name is Lisa Pittman. I’m the only Maternity Model┬áto grace the cover of Fit Pregnancy 3 times! Lisa Pittman’s Real Mom, Real Talk! Bun Maternity! I still remember trying to balance my now 11 year-old daughter under a blanket in order to nurse in public. I was so nervous  [ Read More ]