Model Mom Thara Prashad spreads inspiring ways to change the mind, body and spirit on her new series on HEALTH & Wellness. Exclusively on AVST.COM Airing TODAY! at 10am on 3-18-17  WMBCTV in NY/NJ/CT! Tune in for some healthy M&M’s! For worldwide show times  

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Liza Elliott-Ramirez breaks into modeling…Right, I remember her! I was 14 years old. Always dreamed of becoming a model. Then, I got lucky enough to book “A Test Shoot!” Back in the good old days, photographers would invest their time to photograph new models in exchange for pictures to use  [ Read More ]

As a mother it’s natural to feel sorry for something your child might be going through. Someone once said to me, “you are as happy as your saddest child.” I have found this to be true. Connecting with your children, spouse, or anyone for that matter takes a level of open-hearted-ness that  [ Read More ]

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Becoming a mother opens one to an entirely new territory. For some, the pregnancy vision includes a white picket fence, a baby that sleeps through the night and a husband that has no problem changing diapers. Whether you’re a first time mommy or a pro, adapting to more responsibilities this  [ Read More ]

Moodiness during pregnancy is common. Even though you may not be able to pin point your mood swings, all your feelings are completely normal. Your body and hormones are changing which can place a huge factor on emotional outbursts. These feelings are similar, if not worse than a bad premenstrual cycle,  [ Read More ]