Why cover your bump completely? One assumes that a pregnant woman will play it safe and hide their blossoming belly, but instead they’re gambling that the best way to get excited about their pregnancy is to embrace the clothes they live in and peek-a-bump. One all time favorite must have,  [ Read More ]

Your alluring lips that encompass an attractive, good-looking beauty shoot may have moments where that section of your face says enough is enough. The amount of time your lips share lipstick changes on set can create dryness and sensitivity in that region.¬†The Stork Magazine suggests that after you remove your  [ Read More ]

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Pregnancy is a time of celebration and reflection. This is a unique moment to position your sense of style. When it comes to maternity fashion no one knows better than an expecting model so exercise your pregnancy power. You’ve attended maternity castings for the next season’s fashion line and you  [ Read More ]

Maternity styles have multiplied! Maternity Designers seem to be trending the more “seductive look” this season. Climbing up the ladder, even “smaller companies” have pregnancy fashion down to a science. Hip mom’s to be are going gaga over all the funky maternity selections. Losing your sense of style is never  [ Read More ]

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Blossoming Bumps come in all shapes and sizes. Pregnancy can alter your perception of what you think your body should look like. Dressing to flatter your new and expecting figure is the simple trick all pregnant celebrities use. Notice I say your new expecting¬† figure. Jessica Simpson recently seen on  [ Read More ]