Maternity styles have multiplied! Maternity Designers seem to be trending the more “seductive look” this season. Climbing up the ladder, even “smaller companies” have pregnancy fashion down to a science. Hip mom’s to be are going gaga over all the funky maternity selections. Losing your sense of style is never  [ Read More ]

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Blossoming Bumps come in all shapes and sizes. Pregnancy can alter your perception of what you think your body should look like. Dressing to flatter your new and expecting figure is the simple trick all pregnant celebrities use. Notice I say your new expecting¬† figure. Jessica Simpson recently seen on  [ Read More ]

Styles of makeup come from all over.You can snag smart beauty tips from “the stars” but every face is different. Makeup tips aren’t universal.¬† You know your face. You’ve lived with it’s shape, skin tone, and color. Fashion guides can’t deliver a “makeup trend” to a mass audience, and certainly  [ Read More ]

Your changing body will undoubtedly call for a change in routine. The importance of feeling good during your pregnancy requires shifting from what we know to be normal. Pregnancy is a beautiful process. Once we embrace our progression, adapting to this exciting time can be natural, stimulating and effortless! The  [ Read More ]

As a world known makeup-artist for beauty and high fashion, Octavio has the magic touch to enhance, not distort, beauty for the stars. Having trained with multi-award winny Oscar and Emmy Artists, he knows how to use his talent to customize makeup to work with your individual features. His technique  [ Read More ]

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