Maternity Fashion will never go away. Certain maternity garments can be worn during pregnancy, but there not made to fit a pregnant belly. Why skimp? Maternity Fashion has loads of pregnancy styles to choose from. Expecting Models knows first hand whats trending and what’s not. With years of maternity fashion  experience, we  [ Read More ]

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Maternity Modeling during pregnancy is a fast paced career that requires an agent that specializes in this market. Keeping up with maternity fashion and the changing industry is a full time job. To get the best results, you must be with an agent that has maternity clients and works diligently to make sure  [ Read More ]

Don’t you feel like Trending maternity fashion designers are all copying one other? Not every style looks great on every body type. Not one pregnancy style can be labeled generic. Every baby bump is different. Myths tend to align a baby’s gender with how a mom-to-be’s bump may look. I can definitively say, I’ve met streams of  [ Read More ]

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It doesn’t take a personal Stylist to dress your pregnant bump. After all, it is your body and who knows it better than you? Fashion for nine months isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Yes, become a maternity style risk-taker but staying YOU is the absolute key! Being  [ Read More ]

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It’s always hard to part with your everyday clothing and adopt the maternity style but just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should let your style go. Comfortable and casual can still be cute! First though, when do you start wearing maternity clothing? When your clothing becomes restricting and uncomfortable  [ Read More ]

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