Imagine. It’s a beautiful spring morning. Still a little cool, but the sun is out, and you know by noon it’ll be a comfortable 75 degrees. The birds are chirping, and you have a very happy baby kicking in your beautiful belly. There are just a few errands to run  [ Read More ]

Celebrate the launch of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s collection for A Pea in the Pod. Enjoy mocktails and light bites. Valet parking to be provided.  

 It’s easy, especially as a pregnant women, to look in the mirror and see the flaws and imperfections, instead of the beauty and uniqueness that each of us possess during this special time. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others who are totally opposite, but for what reason? Each of  [ Read More ]

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You’re pregnant, you’re fashionable, you’re engaged, and now you’re stressed! Perhaps you’re normally a whiz at selecting trendy attire, but choosing a wedding gown is a completely different story! Women spend months shopping for a gown hoping to find the perfect one, but for pregnant brides it can be even  [ Read More ]

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One single and important Trending style tip for pregnancy fashion is to mix and match treasure-able accessories. Accent your look with a chunky necklace combined with dangling beads. Nix the color blocking and cling to the same color tones. Less is more so don’t overdo bold colors, they often times create  [ Read More ]

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