During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through so many changes. Often times hormones become a little unstable. These changes during pregnancy may cause acne or blemishes. It is said that there is no true way to prevent acne if it occurs while pregnant, but there are ways to treat your skin and make yourself feel better  [ Read More ]

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Wearing camera-ready Model Mom Makeup is protocol for pregnant models. However, with your hormones fluctuating, it is important to keep your skin healthy off the set. Here are The Stork Magazine’s beauty suggestions for your daily routine when you do not have full-face makeup. Less is more. The less makeup  [ Read More ]

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Stretch marks don’t have to be an inevitable part of pregnancy! As dreaded as they are, yes you are likely to gain some stretch marks when you become pregnant, but the control is not out of your hands! While stretch marks are largely genetic, and sometimes they will occur no  [ Read More ]

After you have your baby, you are bound to notice some post-baby body changes and some more unpleasant that others. Luckily, most are temporary and manageable. But until your body returns to its normal state, here are some ways to deal with changes in your body you may not have been  [ Read More ]

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