Expecting Models, have you noticed that your nails are growing long and strong faster than ever? Consider it a gift from your hormones. Throughout your career in maternity modeling your hands will play a very important role in your poses. Your hands will lovingly showcase your bump. Be it laying  [ Read More ]

You’re pregnant! You should be glowing, you should be the happiest you’ve ever been, and everything should be perfect- right? Well sometimes our presumptions and our hormones don’t line up perfectly. It’s not that you aren’t glowing, it’s just that even the slightest sign of a blemish or pimple ruins,  [ Read More ]

It’s been said that when a woman looks good, she feels good. That is completely true. This is also applicable to the pregnant beauties out there. When you look beautiful, it can be the difference in a change of mood, in your stress levels, or even in your smile. So  [ Read More ]

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Models moms, are you tired of hearing, “she looks so pregnant!”? Is everyone focused on your growing bump instead of your face? Then, maybe it’s time to glam up your glow with some eye-popping makeup tricks. Eyes are the window to the soul and it’s usually the first thing we  [ Read More ]

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Models, are you ready to discover how beautiful you really are? It’s time to unlock your natural beauty and we are going to tell you how. Rather than offering you one solution to fix everyone, we suggest that you learn the do’s and dont’s for your face. No one knows  [ Read More ]