Time for your morning routine is cut from 50 minutes to 10 minutes at the most while your newborn takes up most of your morning time. You are realizing that your hair has been neglected. Not to worry, The Stork Magazine has some hairstyling tips to keep you looking and  [ Read More ]

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Pregnant woman naturally have “that glow.” Although we tend to name this “the pregnant pretties”, it’s often caused by an increased blood circulation that is common during a pregnancy.  You’re body will produce  a more active blood flow to support your growing baby. You heart is pumping 50 percent more  [ Read More ]

Pregnancy weight gain is normal. While the pregnant mom is embracing  curves, the center gravity is over your base of support. It’s common to feel clumsy.  Yes, pregnant model be warned; your blossoming body and your hormonal changes can bring on a few challenges like walking the runway in heals,  [ Read More ]

The Pregnant Model pedicure is a necessity. You’re  toes are out of sight, but not out of mind for our well groomed expecting model. As with every pregnant modeling job, clients expect the professional pregnant model to show up camera ready. Although you may want to dazzle your toes with  [ Read More ]

Red lips bring out the flecks of red or rose colors in your lips. Red is the color of an extrovert and one of the top picks of males. The human brain and body reacts to the color red in odd ways that science to this day, doesn’t quite understand.  [ Read More ]

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