With a new baby on the way, making frequent trips for a monthly beauty treatment may not be on your agenda. Bring a Hollywood spa right to your home that’s easy and affordable. Having great skin is one thing worth getting right. Before the the baby arrives kick off motherhood  [ Read More ]

Being a  Pregnant Model  or Model-Mom is a beautiful thing… but can also cause some sleepless nights. Your skin is going through changes and your hormones are flying off the charts. As you tread through this joyful journey and maintain a spiritually fit mind, aiding your exterior side is easier  [ Read More ]

2013 Maternity Fashion Dressing your bump can trigger feelings of joy or sound off bells of woe. Whatever fashion pose you want to take we’ve got you covered, literally. Bump in the city Available at: Ingrid & Isabel Activate your inner Carrie Bradshaw and flex your bump as you move into  [ Read More ]

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  Maternity Fashion Sale: Martin Luther King’s day only. Sale Ends at Midnight!

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Avoid 40 weeks of frump with these tips from style expert Amy Tara Koch, author of Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy Into the Ultimate Style Statement. The Basics—Part 1 Start with neutrals. Your (mostly black) basics can be mixed and matched to work for anything from a cocktail party  [ Read More ]

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