1. Play up your new curves Maximize your new cleavage by drawing attention to your curves with plunging necklines, scoop or V tops.  This instantly elongates your neck and gives you an overall slimming effect. 2. Select your fabric Stretch and drapey fabrics like jersey fit seamlessly into every wardrobe.  [ Read More ]

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As a professional pregnant model, you probably spend hours in the makeup chair. Keeping up with your maternity makeover shouldn’t always be picture perfect. Often times models just want to feel inspired by their natural glow. Wearing makeup should reflect natures current state and mood. During winter months, blue skies  [ Read More ]

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Stretch marks are common markings on your skin that appear during and after pregnancy. They look like strands or lines on your skin. As with sudden growth spurts during puberty or rapid muscle growth often seen in body builders, stretch marks can be embarrassing especially when wearing a swim suit  [ Read More ]

Well, the word itself as it relates to a people means for a person to be employed to be on display. What does this mean for Maternity Models?  This is exactly right on. Expecting Models are employed to be on display and show other pregnant women that pregnancy is bold and beautiful. You  [ Read More ]

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No matter what season it is, the road to healthy skin that is rich in hydration is simple to navigate if you follow these two simple do’s. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and use a moisturizer or sunscreen with UVA/UVB protectant. (UVA penetrates through the skin and UVB causes burn).  [ Read More ]

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