Often times when women are pregnant planned or not, the initial thought may consist of “what am I going to do?’ Being pregnant doesn’t mean that your life is going to drastically change forever. Yes, you are nurturing a human being and you will want to set good examples for  [ Read More ]

On Memorial Day, so many people are enjoying barbecue festivities by the poolside or basking in the sun at the beach. Countless American’s will celebrate a paid day off, and brag about fun times, while others are going through grief and mourning remembering those people who died over the years that served  [ Read More ]

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Matters of the sole may agree that fit is everything. During pregnancy swollen feet can leave a lasting imprint. As your body grows, you’ve probably noticed your feet have too. Did you know that the hormone relaxin helps loosen ligaments around your feet, allowing the bones to spread and is  [ Read More ]

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Here we are, once again, getting through another day. When will I ever have time to do the things I love? Making plans with a friend? Get to the gym or a simple walk?  Life as we once knew it has radically shifted and the universe doesn’t revolve around you.  [ Read More ]

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Model Mom Thara Prashad spreads inspiring ways to change the mind, body and spirit on her new series on HEALTH & Wellness. Exclusively on AVST.COM Airing TODAY! at 10am on 3-18-17  WMBCTV in NY/NJ/CT! Tune in for some healthy M&M’s! For worldwide show times  

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